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Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozin Sloth

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PURRING WITH COMFORT: A soft purr sound is released when pressed in this Snoozin Sloth Purr Pillow from Petstages. A soothing purr works to help calm kittens and puppies of all ages with separation anxiety or stress.

PRESS TO PURR: Press this pillow to activate and deactivate the purring sound this Petstages Snoozin’ Sloth Purr Pillow makes.

COZY & CUDDLY: The Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozin’ Sloth is great for kittens and puppies who like to cuddle or are seeking a little added comfort during naptime. Made with plush material and a cozy pillow body, your cat will enjoy snuggling up to this comfortable pillow.

  • Snoozin' Sloth
  • Holds scents
  • Soothes tension

Product Dimensions:

  • 26ccm x 20cm x 5cm