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Queenfish Jerky Fillets

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We all know the benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil - healthy bones and skin , so why aren't we given it to our fur-babies?

Queenfish Jerky Fillets dog treats are 100% Australian, all-natural Queenfish, with no added sugar, preservatives or additives. They are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, and we know that they just love the taste!

These treats may be particularly beneficial for older dogs with joint pain as the omega 3 can help reduce the inflammation, however, the omega 3 is beneficial to all dogs to prevent these issues in the future. Especially for dogs suffering from arthritis. These fish pet treats are also high in protein and low in fat to promote muscle development. They are chewy, delicious, and full of health benefits, so they are sure to be a hit!

If you dog is in need of a booster for a shinier coat and healthier skin, these treats will be a great supplement for them.

These can keep small dogs occupied for a bit of time. Therefore making them perfect for smaller dogs teeth too as the chewiness will help reduce tartar and plaque build-up. On larger dogs, the treats will still be fantastic for ensuring a shiny luscious coat but won’t take them as long to consume.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!