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Itch Relief Kit - 2 PIECE SPECIAL

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Ditch the itch for good!

Itchy, inflamed, flaky skin can take a toll on your dog’s quality of life.

The  Itch Relief Kit is the one-stop-shop for treating your pet's skin issues from the inside out. By taking a holistic approach to health, your canine companion is sure to be back to their carefree, healthy life before you know it!

Skin Soother heals the outside by soothing red, itchy skin and spot-treating rashes, broken skin, and hot spots.

Itchy Dog Shampoo maintains a healthy skin & coat by washing away dirt and surface-level irritants while relieving sore, inflamed, red skin.

Our Complete Itch Relief Kit will have your doggo feeling their best, so they can live the healthy life they deserve!

Each Itch Relief Kit includes 2 Oz Skin Soother Stick or Tin  and Itchy Dog Liquid Shampoo (350ml).