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Beef Jerky Strips

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 All Natural Beef Jerky Dog Treats contain only dried beef meat that is 100% Australian and natural. Containing no artificial flavours or sweeteners, just delicious beef that dogs love. Perfect for most sized dogs, they are a chewy treat that will improve their dental health and reduce tartar build up. These are a great addition to your dog’s diet. Being a Beef Treat most dogs won’t be allergic to it – low in allergens and no preservatives or sugar. Above all, having plenty of meat is essential for a dog’s diet. So if you need to supplement more meat into your dog’s diet, on top of their daily meals – Beef Jerky Strips are the way.

These Beef Jerky treats are:

  • High in Protein
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamin A

So not only do they contain plenty of protein and vitamins, but they are also an enjoyable healthy chew for your dog.

Great for puppies and small to medium dogs whereas larger dogs will love them too but won’t find chewing them much of a challenge