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Sick of Tear Stains on your baby's face, stained muzzle and feet ??

There are many possible reasons for excessive tearing, but none are directly responsible for the stains.  Staining is a by product created by the moisture from increased tearing flowing through the hair below the eyes. 
The constantly wet facial hair is a breeding ground for bacteria. The tear ducts become filled with bacteria that react to incoming light and release a brownish/red secretion into the tears.
  •  Glow Groom™ is a powerful natural supplement that is proven to gently and safely eliminate the causes of excessive tearing and staining.
  •  Effectively supports your pet’s immune system to fight and heal itself without interfering with the natural production of tears.
  •  Glow Groom™  is a unique blend of plant and herbal extracts which work in harmony to minimise your pets unsightly red/brown staining on their coat around the areas of the eye and muzzle.
  •  Glow Groom™ does not remove pre-existing stains nor is it a quick temporary fix to the problem.  It is a proven product that works from within on the underlying cause to gradually reduce weepy eyes and tear and coat stains at the source.
  • 90day course is recommended to be the most effective
Why use Glow Groom?
  • Stop tear stains NOW! New Glow Groom is the best product available on the market today, that will naturally eliminate unsightly tear stains from within.
  • Finally there is a tear stain remover that really works.
  • Your dog or cat can be 100% tear stain free when using Glow Groom.
  • Our powerful natural organic formula contains no wheat, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.
  • Amazing results in a few weeks!
  • Very economical, with no need for extended use if used as directed.
  • Glow Groom Tear Stain Remover is suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs.
  • Supports healthy skin and coat. May also assist with bad breath and gives your little angels' eyes a sprinkle of perfection!
  • Australian brand with a percentage of your purchase price supporting the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.