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Do you know what your feeding your dog? 

I have read so many horror stories about dogs eating raw hide, I decided to check out what was in the dog treats I was buying.

The majority of dog treats brought from department stores are either raw hide or a by product from an animal from China.  Look closely at the pack if its says "RPC" it means Republic Of China.  It might also say glycerine - this additive makes the treats such as jerky soft and playable.

So I am now making all my own Jerky and cookies  that are 100% all natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

These treats are human grade quality (yes hubby and the kids can eat it too) and are made from 100% RSPCA approved meats and chicken breast 

Ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies - Super Excited 

Pack Size: 100gms

Larger bags available on request