Why Is My Dog Scratching the Floor?

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Why Is My Dog Scratching the Floor?

As a dog owner and breeder, I have always wondered why my cavoodle Harlow is constantly scratching  our tiled floor.  She has done this strange behaviour ever since she was a puppy. 

So today as I watch her madly scratching at nothing, I decided to find our why?

Scratching or digging is a natural behaviour which has evolved from wild dogs. I learnt that it is behaviour in their DNA.

While we humans might think is odd, there are many reasons why our dogs scratch and dig. It could be a sign of boredom, nesting, security or even territorial.


Most of us would rather our dog play with toys. Some dogs simply get a kick out of scratching at the floor. Go figure!

If your dog is bored they are more likely to scratch and dig. And if your dog has excess energy same thing. So simple solution is more exercise. Or giving them a treat to keep them occupied. Like my Boredom Buster Box.


We all know that floors are not a very comfy place to lie on. But why do some dogs feel the need to scratch on them before snuggling down.

This scratching makes the ground more comfy “homely” or helps them find a more snug position.


In pregnant dogs, nesting is a sign the birth is near. They need to prepare a nest/den to give birth and raise their pups.

They seek privacy because they think, they and their pups are vulnerable to predators. And because the puppies need shelter from the elements.

Your dog doesn't need to be pregnant to nest though. Our dogs like us need their own personal space. Somewhere quiet and dark with room only for them. 

They see their nest as a safe place for when they are felling scared, frightened or overwhelmed.

But why a tiled /hard floor?

It could be that your dog talking. What you say. Well it is a form of communication. When your dog scratches the floor they are claiming a spot for themselves.

What I didn’t know was that the bottom of my dog's paws has special glands that release a scent when they scratch.

The smell lets their buddies know that they need to move on because this spot is taken. Just like they need to wee on every tree and blade of grass in the park.

Now that I know that have consulted Google and know she doesn’t have some rare illness or terminal disease, I can start my day. And always remember they aren’t just pets they are family….

Wet nose kisses and wagging tails Jimmy and Mum xoxo