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This morning I came across a very important Facebook post from Erina Heights Veterinary Hospital.  They spoke about how toxic Dettol can be to our pets.  Not just our dogs, but birds and in-particular cats. The active toxic ingredient they referred to was Chloroxylenol.  Chloroxylenol is the antibacterial in dettol that acts to kill germs and reduces inflammation. Chloroxylenol makes dettol an effective household disinfectant. It is particularly harmful to cats as they are unable to eliminate toxins in the body following digestion. How do they ingest it I hear you ask?  Well the cats walk over a clean disinfected wet floor or bench and then groom themselves...

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Boredom Buster Box, Dog nesting, dog scratching -

As a dog owner and breeder, I have always wondered why my cavoodle Harlow is constantly scratching  our tiled floor.  She has done this strange behaviour ever since she was a puppy.  So today as I watch her madly scratching at nothing, I decided to find our why? Scratching or digging is a natural behaviour which has evolved from wild dogs. I learnt that it is behaviour in their DNA. While we humans might think is odd, there are many reasons why our dogs scratch and dig. It could be a sign of boredom, nesting, security or even territorial. Boredom Most of us would rather our dog...

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