GiGwi Push To Mute Plush Tail Squirrel

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Finally a squeaky toy we can actually turn OFF!

Ready for a multi-sensory experience? Then the GiGwi forest tails range is here.

Combining tough TPR rubber with a plush pompom tail and a durable nylon strap. Better be fast this toy will have your pooch moving in rabbit mode, creating zoomies like you have never seen them before

The GiGwi Push To Mute Series is a unique range that utilizes our built in signature PTM technology, giving these toys a quiet mode for when noise free play is needed. All you need to do is push in the handle and sit back and enjoy your dog playing without the high pitch squeaking. Pull the handle out and the toy is ready to squeak and catch your dogs attention!

Whether it be for catch, fetch or tug-o-war this toy is perfect for all types of play and will provide hours of stimulating fun and exercise!