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Long-lasting, lovable pet toys online

Treat your furry friends to the most exciting pet toys online. Cute, well-crafted and designed to occupy those busy minds, these products are bound to be the new favourite of your little companion. Our items provide endless hours of entertainment with squeaky sounds, soft-to-touch textures and sturdy craftsmanship. And that’s just a small snippet of the constantly evolving collection we have in stock. You’ll likely find your kitty-kat, distinguished woof, or favourite four-legged character just can’t get enough all the goodies we have available. Best of all, our pet toys are 100% safe for animals of all kinds – so you can proceed to play indoors or out, without a single worry.


The most exciting pet toys in Australia

Furevables are made to last. The durable, clever make of each design stands up to curious kitty swipes, big bites, and any other antics that your precious friend might try to pull. What’s more, there’s always something to occupy their busy mind whenever playtime is on the cards. 

We all love our fur-babies and we love spoiling them but did you know that dog toys are not just for fun?


When dogs are bored or anxious, they sometimes manifest it through destructive behaviour such as digging, chewing on your shoes or furniture. 

Dog Toys stimulate their minds and help ease negative feelings. They also allow your pets to get some physical exercise, which is beneficial for their overall health.

When sourcing our dog toys not only is safety our highest priority but we look for toys that are different and exciting.  Not the same boring dog toys found in the  main department stores that fall apart as soon as you bring them home.

Our toys have reinforced fabric and stitching to make it durable and long lasting.  If it looks exciting, bright and colourful then your pooch will thinks so too.