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Hang Your Stockings and Say Your Prayers Because Santa and His Elves Are Everywhere ...

Now your doggos can have there very own stockings on the tree this Christmas

Rosewood Cupid & Comet Venison Flavour Antler Dog Chew is infused with a venison flavour that will have their taste buds dancing with joy. The richness of the venison creates an unforgettable taste experience, making these treats a true gourmet delight.

But it"s not just about the incredible flavour.

The importance of providing your furry companion with a wholesome treat that meets their dietary needs is that, these treats are not only delicious but also completely rawhide free, ensuring a safe and healthy chewing experience. What"s more, they are grain and gluten free, making them an ideal choice for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

These treats offer long-lasting entertainment, keeping your pup happily occupied and their teeth strong and clean. They satisfy their natural instinct to chew while promoting dental health.

So go ahead, pamper your four-legged friend with our Venison Flavour Antler dog treats. Give them a culinary adventure that will have them begging for more, and watch as their eyes light up with pure canine bliss. Your pup deserves nothing but the finest, and these treats deliver on taste, quality, and wholesome goodness

  • Product Benefits
    • Rawhide free
    • Grain and gluten free
    • Long lasting dog chew
    • Helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up
    • Gift Wrapped with Hession Bag with red felt ribbon
    • 1 Antler piece colour chosen at random