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Dental Cherries

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Help keep kitty’s teeth clean with the Dental Cherries. These cat chew toys help to improve your cat’s dental health by providing a flossing and cleaning action to their teeth and gums while your cats chew. Great for play and pampering, these cute cat chew toys also contain catnip to engage your cat during playtime and offer a fun way to improve and maintain their dental health. 

  • HELPS CLEAN TEETH: The Dental Cherries is a cat chew toy with mesh material that works to help clean kitty’s teeth while she chews.
  • TOSS AND BAT: Cats have a natural instinct to bat and pounce and the  Dental Cherries cat chew toy is lightweight enough for kitty to bat and swat and perfect for tossing to engage her playful pounce.
  • CRINKLE SOUND: Cats love crinkle! That’s why the  Dental Berries crinkle when they are squeezed helping to keep your kitty engaged and playing.
  • CONTAINS CATNIP: Engage and help keep kitty’s interest with catnip filled berries! These small balls are the perfect size for kitty to chew and contain catnip that keeps them energized and engaged