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Watermelon Climbing Dog Lead

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Walks just got a little more upmarket and fun with our designer climbing rope lead.  Our Watermelon Pink lead is perfect for the dog who loves bling and all things pink!


* Pink diamond pattern rope with coordinating hot pink, blue and white accents
* Made of ultra-strong nylon climbing rope. Nylon is lightweight, weatherproof, and will not mildew or fray (unlike cotton rope leashes)
* Industrially sewn splices on both ends are certified to withstand thousands of pounds of pull
* Rope is soft and supple so that it's easy on your hands, even when your dog pulls
* Brass O-ring on the handle allows you to easily attach a waste bag or keys, or securely attach your dog to a post
* All hardware is solid marine-grade brass, meaning that it will never break or snap like the flimsy zinc hardware found on most pet store leashes
* Accented with hand-whipped nylon cord and our signature wooden tag

Size: 6 Feet (1.8 metres)